Construction Management

Radec Group offers professional construction and project management services that seek to maximize quality, schedule and your bottom-line.  With an emphasis on accountability and efficiency, Radec Group works with each client to establish objectives, scope, budget, and schedule. We build a skilled construction team to optimize efficiency and quality.  Our fast-track scheduling provides cost effective solutions to maximize your dollar without ever compromising quality.  We’re motivated to do better than merely achieve goals; we want to surpass them.  Radec Group brings dedication and owner-oriented strategies to guarantee maximum value for your dollar.

Interior Design

Our design team brings together design and technical expertise to deliver functional and visually pleasing interiors. Our full range of services include conceptual design, brand alignment, feasibility studies, space planning, finish and material selection, custom millwork design, furniture and fixture specification, lighting design, and interior construction. Our interiors team works closely with the construction team to realize an integrated and inspired interior environment.

Building Design

Our design team will  work with you to create floor plans, room layouts and the general exterior look of your home.  Presenting schematic design options for you to choose from and will only move forward once you are completely satisfied with the designs. They  will refine all details ready for structural engineering & building permits.

Pre–Construction Consultation

As part of our owner-oriented approach, Radec Group works closely with you to define your objectives, establish budget and schedule, and identify risks before they arise.  We work with you to ensure that all aspects of the design deliver functionality and value, and coordinate with regulatory authorities and sub-contractors to ensure a streamlined construction process.

Development Partnerships

Radec Group believes in working together to achieve a common goal.  Within a collaborative and transparent relationship, we increase operational efficiencies, expand on knowledge and expertise, and optimize risk management. By building lasting relationships based on accountability and customer satisfaction, we ensure that your success is our success.

Tenant Improvement

Radec Group is committed to making your spaces work for you.  We undertakes tenant improvement projects to maximize your building’s potential.  Improved utilization of space and lower operating costs ensure that you are getting the most out of your property.

Estimating + Value Engineering

Our experienced team provides practical estimating so that you can have a clear understanding of the direction of your developing project.  Through careful assessment and analysis, we’ll show you the multiple directions your project can take.  We’ll find strategies to increase functionality and identify cost-saving opportunities so that you can choose the best approach to maximize your project’s value.  We’ll help you achieve the optimal balance between performance, function, cost and schedule to capitalize on potential and maximize your return.