Carriage Homes

Carriage/Lane Homes

Radec is a premier home builder that believes in building future value today. We are based out of Penticton, BC and service clients throughout BC and Alberta. We work closely with existing homeowners to deliver custom designed carriage/lane homes that add value to their current property.

Radec provides a building experience that is stress free. Our dedicated in-house team of sales, designers, project managers, in house trades, and skilled labour staff work efficiently together on every build. The Radec team strives to provide 100% price certainty, unmatched quality, and set and meet realistic timelines. A Business Development Representative will work with you throughout the building process.

Our carriage/lane home clients look to us when:

  •  Looking to add value to their current property through the addition of a revenue generating rental suite.


  • Seeking to build a new home for themselves and rent out their current property.
  • Seeking innovative designs, premium finishing, and west coast styling.
  • They are looking for 100% price certainty in the build process.
  • They’re searching for truly modern and innovative building process.
  • You’re looking for a quality custom home built by experienced in-house trades.
  • Looking for a fully completed home in a little as six months.
  • Tired of traditional home builders who construct homes slowly, outside, being exposed to all the elements.

Radec continues to grow and differentiate in the marketplace

We pride ourselves in being able to build anything from a 400 sq/ft lane home to commercial apartment buildings and anything in between.

  • Our homes can be built on any site or location.
  • Our panelized process reduces the amount of wasted material and in turn helps lower the project cost.
  • Our homes are constructed in a controlled factory environment; your home is being built while being protected by from the elements, like snow, rain, and the sun.
  • As sections move through our factory they under strict control and quality measures, ensuring a high quality end product.
  • Our homes are built to completion according to local building codes and come with a new home warranty.
  • Radec believes in delivering the best for less.